Why Sattelite TV is Better than Cable

  • More Channels to Choose From
  • More HD Channels
  • Better Equipment Options
  • Choose a provider That is Best For You

#2 Direct TV

Direct TV Reviews

  • Mixed interactive channels
  • 150 high definition channels
  • 900 hours of HD programming
  • Reasonable cost
  • Order from home

Service Review

Direct TV is a television service provider that provides you with the rare opportunity of watching mixed interactive channels. You can have the privilege of watching several live channels e.g. channel for kids, sports, news etc. Direct TV subscribers may also have the opportunity to watch various musical events. Direct TV offers really impressive services. Direct TV even provides for the exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket.

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#3 Charter

Charter Reviews

  • High-speed internet services
  • Battery backup
  • 100+ HD channels
  • Excellent customer care
  • 10,000+ On Demand options

Service review

Charter Communications, Inc., also known as Charter TV is a publicly held company. This company was established in the year 1993 and in the year 1999 it completed its initial public offering. Charter TV mainly specializes in the telecommunications industry. This company is known for its cable television connection, HD television, high-speed Internet, cable telephone as well as broadband services. Charter Communications or Charter TV as it is popularly known, operates in half of the states of U.S. In order to upgrade cable telephone services to its customers, the company uses Broadband Telephony technology. Apart from this, it also offers a battery backup.

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#4 Comcast

Comcast Reviews

  • No service disruptions
  • Parental control
  • Reasonable prices
  • service centers in most areas
  • expanding through new markets

Service review

Comcast is a television provider that is always associated with successful online television programming. They have also earned their fame through smooth support services like identity protection and internet security. They have made it easier for you to block channels depicting movies or shows depending on their titles and ratings. They would even serve you with parental control via add-on services like blocking channels entirely or through your preferred times. It’s been quite some time that they’re in this business and are known for their trustworthiness.

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#5 Clearplay

ClearPlay Reviews

  • Excellent movie filtering product
  • 250 free movie filters with your FilterStik.
  • Watch the movies of your choice.
  • Free 1 year subscription
  • FAQ section

Service Review

ClearPlay offers 2000+ movie filters to its customers. Here you will be able to find movies from the 1970’s to the present times. As soon as new movies are released on DVD, ClearPlay starts adding them to the filter. The best part of ClearPlay is that, it continually updates its movie library. Thus, you will be able to find any movie that you are looking for. ClearPlay is one such company which will not only help you in downloading free movies but you can even purchase a DVD player from them. If you’re a member of ClearPlay, then you will be able to use any DVD that you’ve owned for years, you can buy new ones or even rent DVDs. It should also be noted here that if you purchase a DVD from ClearPlay, you will be able to get free 1 year subscription to download filters. Also, before signing up for free subscriptions, you may download free filters for 250 movies.

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#6 Cox Communications

Cox Communications Reviews

  • The cost of Cox Cable is $34.99
  • Excellent internet connectivity
  • Excellent TV performance
  • Different categories of plans offered
  • Cox Communication established in 1898

Service review

Cox Cable is known as a telecommunication service provider that offers telephone services, television, and internet connectivity. The services are available in as many as 16 states in the US and these states are California, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arizona. As far as internet services are concerned, there are more than 4 million customers.

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