Why Sattelite TV is Better than Cable

  • More Channels to Choose From
  • More HD Channels
  • Better Equipment Options
  • Choose a provider That is Best For You

#2 Direct TV

Direct TV Reviews

  • Mixed interactive channels
  • 150 high definition channels
  • 900 hours of HD programming
  • Reasonable cost
  • Order from home

Service Review

Direct TV is a television service provider that provides you with the rare opportunity of watching mixed interactive channels. You can have the privilege of watching several live channels e.g. channel for kids, sports, news etc. Direct TV subscribers may also have the opportunity to watch various musical events. Direct TV offers really impressive services. Direct TV even provides for the exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket.


Imagine any genre of viewing TV, and you’ll be amazed to view a seemingly endless row of 250 channels. Just press your remote button and get on with your chosen weather, news, movies, variety, sports and games, drama and comedy channels. 68 channels associated with the XM Satellite Radio are free of commercials, and are quite impressive. A few great movies are offered for the movie buffs.

Cost & Bundle Packages

DirecTV prices may initially seem a bit more to that of its competitors, but you’ll find a good reason to spend $10 more. Although your co-workers aren’t aware of the actual reason, you could do it for watching a fresh FX series before it gets aired. Only DirecTV can make it possible for you.

Each month DirecTV airs around 60 pay-per-view movies through more than 30 premium channels. You can’t be disheartened now; neither your video store clerk will tell you that your preferred movie is out of stock, nor do you need to stand in long queues. Sitting in the comfort of your own home, you’ll be able to order it, and it will always be available.

Every week they would offer HD programming worth 900 hours. In a bid to retain old customers they’re even providing 150 high definition channels.

Support & Help

It is natural for you to place your service order at the DirecTV website. Prior to signing up you’ll need to pick a suitable package. A few of us would even choose to call them up for placing an order. But in doing so, you’ll need to go through a credit check and share your social security information with the customer service rep. But, it seems a bit risky for all of us. It is more like paying for the sticker price while buying your car.

Your best option lies in visiting the DirecTV site and get to the “nether-regions” interior section. The pages shown here would possess the best deals; these deals are not the ones chosen by people who wish to bear the sticker prices.


It is important that you consider how much you’re to shed for using DirecTV services. It feels a lot of pain to spend an additional $400 when you opt for such services with a competitor.

You must understand the fact that this is not quite a decision to be taken upon tossing a coin. It is natural for you to do some homework if you don’t have the proper knowledge. Many of us would choose to read DirecTV reviews, consult with family members and friends and spend hours searching over the internet. Alternatively, when you’re aware of what you might have with DirecTV, you won’t have to think much. You’re bound to get impressed with their services.

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