Why Sattelite TV is Better than Cable

  • More Channels to Choose From
  • More HD Channels
  • Better Equipment Options
  • Choose a provider That is Best For You


Dish Network Reviews

  • Packages start at just $19.99!
  • Excellent support staff
  • Hopper and Joey Technology
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Special interesting available

Service Review

While some customers are of the opinion that the service is excellent and you get to contact the representatives of the company round the clock, you will also come across few that have not applauded the services of DISH wholeheartedly. However, it is important to keep in mind that all that you view is through satellite service. And there are times when the performance of the satellite service is not in your hands. Under such circumstances, you will have to depend entirely on the satellite services or at least till the time the services are not restored fully.

Prior to signing up for the contract, make sure you read the fine print very carefully. In the event you intend to terminate the contract or want to switch over to another service, it is important that you are clear about the norms and rules of the DISH and how they go about the process.


The service features are user friendly. And there are roughly a couple of reasons why you ought to go for DISH. These reasons are as follows- free television commercials, value for money for all your packages, DISH follows the so called TV Everywhere Technology, you get to see most number of movies with DISH, superior quality service, customized services just for you, and above all DISH is a family run business and you don’t have to fear that the company will fly off overnight with your cash. One of the best features of DISH is the Parental Lock system that allows your children selective viewing of programs under your guidance.

Cost and Bundle Packages

The cost of the bundle packages and plans are as follows. Dish Family comes for $19.99/month (55 plus channels), America’s Top 120 for $24.99/month (190 plus channels), America’s Top 200 costs $34.99/month (235 plus channels), America’s Top 250 costs 39.99/month (290 plus channels), Welcome Pack costs $14.99/month (40 plus channels), America’s Top 120 Plus costs $29.99/month (190 plus channels), and America’s Everything Pack costs $74.99/month (320 plus channels).

Other features include HD Free for Life package, which definitely is a special offer that costs $120/year. Blockbuster@Home costs $30 and you can enjoy it for 3 months. Last but not the least, with DISH, you enjoy free installation. Also you can lock channels that can be password protected.

The Hopper and Joeys

DISH has made your TV watching experience even better. The hopper act as a central server for you main TV, while Joey is a satellite box that goes to your other TV’s in your house.  Having a Hopper and 3 Joeys is what we like to call the Whole Home DVR, this system allows to record and watch multiple shows at the same time. The hopper allows up to 6 programs at the same time to be recorded. Its DVR can hold up too 250 hours  of standard definition. Not only can it store all your shows but it gives you access to TV Applications life facebook and pandora radio.  Channel 99 also allows you to listen to your favorite Sirius station.

Support & Help

The officials at DISH are available round the clock. You can connect with them through any of the social media platforms, namely, Twitter and Facebook. You can also scribble a line and send an email or call toll free number 24×7 to clarify any doubts you harbor.


Overall the feedback of customers is good, with few exceptions though. You get to enjoy a wide array of entertainment packages and bundles that you can choose as per your convenience and requirement.

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