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V Chip Parental Control

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  • Concept of V Chip was introduced by Federal Communications Commission
  • Helps in filtering television programs for children
  • The concept was introduced in January 2000
  • V Chip is installed in TV sets of dimension 13 inches/33 cm
  • This chip usually comes for free

Service review

The V Chip was introduced as part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.


Dialogues and scenes are usually not filtered out by the V Chip but it works as a means of filtering only for televisions. If you use the V Chip, there are few ratings that are obtained. And depending on the rating, you can find out whether or not it is suitable for children. More about the ratings follows.

TV-Y – This rating indicates that the program that is being viewed is suitable for children of all ages. The content of the program can be an animation, different themes, or live action programs. The programs are regarded as best suited for children between 2 and 6 years.

  • TV-Y7 – The programs rated by the V Chip makes the television program suitable for children of 7 years old. The television programs will go down well with children that are able to distinguish between reality and make-believe. Such programs include fantasy, comedy, or sometimes violence.
  • TV-G – The V Chip rates the television programs as suitable for the general audience. As far as language and violence is concerned, it is suitable for children as well as adults.
  • TV-PG – The V Chip rates the television programs that require parental guidance. The television programs may not be suitable for all children and parents should explain in the event there is any scene or dialogue that children do not understand or are confused about. If the programs have violence, it is rated as moderate violence -V, infrequent coarse language -L, some suggestive dialogue -D, and sexual situations -S.
  • TV-MA – The V Chip rates the TV programs for mature audience only. The programs are suitable for adults aside from the children that are 17 years and above.
  • TV-14 – The programs that are rated should be viewed under parental guidance and parents are strongly alerted about the same.

Cost & Bundle Packages

The cost of the V Chip is not high. But a lot of expense as much as USD$550 million has been shelled out for conducting extensive research on the same. Generally speaking, the cost of installing the V Chip in television sets is around USD$5 to USD$10. Moreover, all TV sets that were sold after 2000 had to have the V Chip installed beforehand.

Support and Help

The usage of V Chip is entirely at the discretion of the users and the government has no regulations about the same.


Although the V Chip is a great technology that can filter unwanted television programs that children should not view, nevertheless, it has been observed that not many households have used the V Chip that can help parents to control television viewing for children to a considerable extent.

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